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When submitting personal information to Premier Energy, you may notice a padlock in the corner of your browser. Each browser shows this in a different place but each lets you know you are connected to us using a secure connection.

In browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, the padlock icon can be found next to the address bar. On Safari, it can be found in the upper top right corner. If you click on the icon, it will show you all the details of Premier Energy's site and the details of the security undertaken in your visit.

The technology we use is called a Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL for short. This takes your connection to us and encrypts it in a unique code that only your browser knows and if then discarded when you leave. Ths ensures personal details, credit cards and other documents are held in the upmost security always.

Credit Card data is not sotred or even held by Premier Energy. Once put in, we pass it directly to your bank and they store it on their systems for our use up to the value of your transactions. This ensures that your credit card data can never be exposed from us as we do not have any record of it.

Due to the nature of SSL, we do not encrypt the whole site by default, only the sections that need it but if at any stage you wish to browse the secure version, please change the beginning of the URL from http:// to https://