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Utility Search Reports are ideal for consultants, contractors, developers, legal teams, national and local authorities and other professionals involved in the civil engineering and construction industry.  Our report is a comprehensive initial risk screen of extant utilities, collecting and collating all utility maps and records in your scheme's area.  This is offered as an entry level service prior to our client's use of our Utility Site Investigation Report.

We make enquiries to over 40 utility companies to obtain their records and issue them to you via email or file transfer.  CD and hard copy formats are also available on request.  We understand well and are happy to provide advice on the BSI’s new Publically Available Specification (PAS 128) for underground utility detection, verification and location. We also provide advice on the new HSG 47, the Health and Safety Executive’s advice for Avoiding Underground Services.

Our utility reports provide a summary of all the utility providers we have searched and that are relevant to your enquiry area.  We cover all utilities that provide maps for their buried services that you might need before you dig on a site.  Our service is the first level of underground survey required by PAS 128 known as Quality Level D, part of the full utility discovery process enabling you and your contractors to dig safe.  We classify the utility maps we have received against whether they are in the vicinity of a development or not in the vicinity of a development.

Our search includes all the underground services you might expect but it also includes ones that you might not, such as a drainage search and any pipeline maps and plans.

Our unique and innovative pricing, ordering and payment service on this site enables users to get an instant quotation including our fee and all estimated disbursements for an area.  Our site enables a user to omit the lower risk utilities (from a Health & Safety point of view) that charge a disbursement fee that is disproportionate to that risk.  Of course these utilities can still be in the vicinity of the site, causing potential costs and program delays if you encounter them later.

We have a CAD service available that can combine all the responses on to one drawing, please enquire for details.

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